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Safety Related Components

Zero Leakage Check valves & all metal Ball and Gate valves

  • Hard coating = Excellent for extreme corrosion and wear resistance
  • Self-repairing in operation - “Wears in not out"
  • Linear Torque seated versus Position seated quarter turn
  • Full open port, Increased Cv and literally no damage to FCD (Flow Control Device)
  • Testing at 1,000,000 cycles performed – ZERO Leakage
  • Direct Control Valves for HCU. Reliable and Robust swap out of Asco DCVs.
  • 20-30 year Qualified lifetime
  • Sample System Valves-All METALLIC – Lifetime install
  • Optimized Opening & Closing-Prevent Water Hammer
  • Hermetically Sealed Design-No Elastomers
  • Nuclear OEM Since 1970
  • Nuclear OEM Since 1970
  • Retrofits for All Safety Related (S/R) and Balance of Plant (BOP) SOV
  • Less power Consumption
  • Inventory reduction - 1 Model # = up to 10 of the alternative SOV supplier models
  • Reliable Poppet design opposed to Diaphragm
  • Environmental Qualification proves minimum; double qual life of existing installed SOV

Operators and Actuators

Products Available for all Fluid Power Actuation Applications

Linear - (Actuator Type / Power Source)
  • Pneumatic ✔
  • Hydraulic ✔
  • Electro-Hydraulic ✔
Rotary - (Actuator Type / Power Source)
  • Pneumatic ✔
  • Hydraulic ✔
  • Electro-Hydraulic ✔
General Info
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Designs
  • Single or Double Acting versions available
  • Optional Tandem Hydraulic Cylinder for Pneumatic applications
    - Precise and repeatable speed control
  • Dual Piston design available
    - Increased thrust output
  • Configurable failure mode options
  • 60 Year Design Life
Typical Applications
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Dampers
  • Any other type of valve / application that requires a linear actuator
General Info
  • Single and Double Acting configurations available
  • Isolating or Modulating (On-Off or Positioning) Duty
  • Vast Torque Range Covered
  • Configurable failure mode options
  • 60 Year Design Life
Typical Applications
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Dampers
  • Any other type of valve / application that requires a 1/4 turn actuator
General Info
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Actuator
  • Integral Nitrogen Storage for failsafe operation
  • Low operating time for emergency stroke
Typical Applications
  • MSIV (Main Steam Isolation Valves)
  • MFIV (Main Feedwater Isolation Valves)
  • Other applications that utilize a slow open stroke time and a fast close stroke time

Micro Limit Switches

Guaranteed long-term operation
IEEE Limit Switches

FDLG/FDPG/FDP-E1 SERIES limit switches are robust components designed for Westinghouse AP1000® environmental parameters. These switches are intended to be used in mild, radiation harsh or harsh environments.

Petercem’s compact format features an exclusive precision snap-action T3™ series microswitch to support the harshest environments.

Petercem limit switches are used in extreme environments for:

  • Access control doors, irradiated areas
  • Heating ventilation, air conditioning
  • Valve position indicators
  • Level indicators
  • Safety valves
  • Control rods
  • The only limit switch based on a harsh radiation-qualified snap-action microswitch
  • Resin-sealed, waterproof stainless steel casing, with potted soldering to ensure operation even in the presence of water
  • Easier maintenance than magnetic switches: mechanical design enables immediate visual status check
  • Compact footprint with several configuration and connectivity options
  • IEEE 323-2003/1983/1974
  • IEEE 344-2004/1987/1975
  • IEEE 382-2006/1996/1980
  • Operating temperature under constant use: +5°C to 55°C (41°F to 130°F)
  • Qualified life: 60 years at +55°C (130°F)
  • Mechanical endurance: over 30,000 cycles (qualified for 3,000 cycles)
  • Vibration aging: 0.75 g, 5-100-5 Hz
  • Pressure cycle: 15 cycles @ 468kPa (67.85 psig)
  • Seismic testing:RIM OBE 6g 2-100-2 Hz; RIM SSE 6g 2-64 Hz
  • Radiation (aging + accident): 10.8E07 rads-air (Gamma)
  • LOCA conditions: 217°C (422°F) peak; 427.5 kPa (62 psig) with chemical spray for 1 month
  • Submergence: 1 year under chemical fluid spray at 115 kPag (16.6 psig)
  • MSLB accident: peak 252°C (485°F) for 2 week
  • One or two poles (1 or 2 Single Pole Double-Throw circuits – “form c”)
  • Single casing size (DIN EN 50041)
  • Several actuating lever and plunger options
  • Lead wire or connector output options:
    • QualTech NP EGS Quick Disconnect
    • Connector Gen. 3 (QDC)
    • Souriau 8NB Connector
    • AWG 20 PEEK lead wires